Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A few weeks ago, we had our team socialization with my co-employees at Captain A's Seafood Grill. It's a classy restaurant that allows customers to experience the traditional boodle fight. Lots of food with different dishes were laid out on the table and we all just ate using our clean hands (lol there's a plastic, so it's still clean). It was my first time to experience boodle fight and I dare say this is now one of my favorite restaurants in Cebu. No need for me to join a military training to experience this unique way of eating. Here are some pictures we took.


Monday, September 16, 2013

Let's get it started!

I've been longing to create this blog and share everything about me. But due to my busy and hectic schedule, I didn't have time to include this in my daily routines. Now that I have the chance, I'll make sure that every little thing I do will be shared in this blog. Before anything else, let's get to know each other first. My name is Josilrey M. Boquilon Jr., but you can call me Jb. I am a student and at the same time working as a call center agent. Some of you might wonder how I can do these things together at the same time. Well, you are smart enough  if you logically know what I am doing. It's just a matter of balancing and organizing things will make all of these possible. Thus, the principle of time management is what needed not just for this but for everything. I love reading interesting columns, news, and magazines. Dancing is also my passion, while singing is my frustration. I always go travel to different places to discover different things. Because of that, people tend to call me "lagalag" which means a nomad  and even nick-named me as "Dora" since I always bring a big bag pack, bag pack everytime I walk.

Come join me as we get this adventure started and see where this takes us! Enjoy!